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Re: Strange stack & execve() behavior

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000, Matt Lowry wrote:
> On my x86 I run foo with comline param 10,000 it's fine, with 100,000
> it's still fine, at 1,000,000 it complains "that's too long", and at
> 10,000,000 it segfaults.

In fact, foo.c dies with a segmentation violation at 10,000,000 because
of the way the foobar array is allocated, on the stack. 10,000,000 is
too large for the stack, the foobar array should have been allocated via
malloc() in order to be totally safe. The segfault at 10,000,000 is due
to a bug in foo.c.

But I'm afraid the problem at 100,000 on sparc is due to a bug in the
libc or in the kernel. Does anybody know enough about the libc or the
kernel in order to identify the problem, or does anybody know to whom I
should send a bug report? Best regards,


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