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dual boot

Hello, and an early "Happy New Year" greetings to all.

I wonder if anyone would have any inputs on these:

   a.  I have a sparc 4 running partial woody, and 
       is planning to move to a larger disk---from 
       a 2gb disk to a 9gb disk.  How can I do this 
       without reinstalling?  I use SILO to boot 
       from my hard disk now, by the way.

   b.  Okay, I am really planning to install 
       solaris 8 on this sparc 4 also (to do so 
       testings for the department): so I will 
       need to partition this 9gb first.  Does 
       anyone have similar experience on this to 
       share, specifically:

          i.  How should one partition the disk?

          ii.  Which partition should have the 
               necessary directories---from both 
               operating systems?

          iii.  Should linux be installed/copied 
                to the disk first?

I will be very appreciative of any pointer to the relevant 
docs on this too.

Thank you!


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