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Re: CD Writer and SCSI adapter on Ultra5

In article <[🔎] 20001229214157.D26602@gimp.org>,
	uzi@uzix.org (Joshua Uziel) writes:
>> What is the SCSI adapter tipically inside an Ultra 5?
>> Which kind of SCSI support I should put in the kernel?
> Ultra 5's don't come with SCSI... they've got IDE only unless you have a
> SCSI controller added to it.  To answer your question, it would matter
> on which SCSI controller (if any) you've added to it.

You can use the NCR/Symbios/LSI chips 810a or 875 as they are supported
by the PROM (Bios) of the Ultra 5's. Just get a cheap (PC) 875 PCI
controller and remove the bios chip from the card (if possible). I
tested it with a DawiControl controller. The 810a should work too as the
Solaris driver supports it ...


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