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Re: Xsun24 behaviour

On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 12:16:49PM +0100, Gabor Zoltan Csejtey wrote:
> I'm running Xsun24 3.3.6-11 server on Ultra 10 and have a Creator 3D
> graphics card.
> Q1.
> When I switch to X from console the Control and Alt keys remain
> on. I have to push them to release so they behave as they pushed when
> I use the mouse or hit another key. Why?

Probably something to do with the kbd driver. I remember something similar

> Q2.
> Is it possible to use the mouse under console (in text mode)?

Yes, using gpm. Unfortunately the Xsun servers are very greedy with the
the mouse device so you cannot use gpm and X at the same time. If you want
this behavior, then I suggest using the xserver-xfree86 from woody, and
configure it to use the sunffb driver (for Creator/Elite) which even
supports acceleration and DRI.


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