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Re: Debian problem on UltraSparc

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Joshua Uziel wrote:

> > > This is expected and known... your only options are to use only 512MB of
> > > RAM with 2.2.x or to have all 1024MB with 2.4.0-testX kernel.
> > Huh, because we are at it.  I'm going to install an E250 with 2GB memory.
> > Is this also true for this machine???
> Yep, should be.
Hmm, than I really, really hope that 2.4 becomes stable soon!
I do note hope that I would have to stay with Solaris because Linux
doesn't support all memory.  I expect to go into production after about
5 or 6 month.  Hope to get kernel 2.4.x with x >= 5 or so because I
don't trust even 2.4.[0-4].

Kind regards


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