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my IPX box is out to lunch :(

My IPX (32MB running 2.2r1) has stopped displaying any video or responding
to keystrokes.  I do not even get a boot prompt as the screen stays black.

There is power to the keyboard and mouse- the "compose" key LED (Sun 5
keyboard) stays lit, as does the red LED under the mouse.  But the "Caps
Lock" & "Num Lock" LED's don't light.

The green LED on the front of the box stays lit now, and my RJ-45
transceiver has 3 LED's lit: SQE, XMT, and RCV/LINK.

At first I thought the monitor had died as when I went to wake the screen up
it just stayed black.  But I could no longer ping the box from the network,
and powering down and starting up again has no effect.  I hear the fan
running but I'm not sure about the internal drive.  If I type "b" or any
other boot commands as if I had a boot prompt nothing happens.

My external CD-ROM and hard drive seem to be working normally.  If I
disconnect them from the CPU and power back up it makes no difference.

The one thing that may have fried something is that I had been plugged in to
an unconditioned AC outlet but nothing happened to the other computers
connected to the same circuit, nor is there any smell of burnt electronics.

Next step I guess is to open the box up.  Maybe the internal drive is dead,
but shouldn't I get video & a boot prompt in any case?

Any help with this is appreciated.



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