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Getting started via serial line connection


I've got my fine E250 machine, but run in trouble before thinking about
installing Debian.

There is no graphics card in the machine and I have to connect via
serial line.  I found a searial cable which I used to connect a laptop
with a desktop years ago and adapted it via gender-changer and
25pin to 9 pin adapter to a Linux laptop.  There I started minicom.

But after switching on the E250 server I can't see anything on my
laptop minicom terminal.  Is there any document to read or any starting
help.  I really don't know what is installed in the Sun and I'm
looking for a way to get the console output.

Another way would be to insert a graphics card.  I've found a PC
Matrox G200 card in our shelf but don't know if it works.

Any hint how to start up with this beast is really welcome.

Kind regards


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