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Re: Which floppy drive

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Karl Hammar wrote:

> 0, write down network configs and such
>    rarp support in opal kernel
>    tftp installed
>    local mirror exported ro via nfs
> 1, on hematit, power on, stop-a, boot net
> 2, on opal, run insmod and make sure hostname is in either dns or /etc/hosts
> 3, on opal, start tcpddump in another vt or xterm
> 4, on opal, copy ethernet address from line c to line 5 and run rarp
> 5, on opal, copy the C0A85D02 from line f to to line 8
>    (or calculate by hand, C0A85D02 = in hex, but copying is easier)
> 6, at line i, hematit starts loading the kernel
> 7, switch to the sparc and continue with the installation program.
Very nice howto.
Writing this while formating partitions ... ;-)

Kind regards and many thanks


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