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Re: Floppy from sparc on x86

I have tried before to use the one from an IPC without success. The last
responses I got

Matthew Haas wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Rafael E. Herrera wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps I didn't phrase the question right. How do I get the floppy to
> > work on a PC? I know of the 'eject' and 'floppycontrol'. Any comments?
> I heard from somewhere that Sun machines use the alternate ID (ie B:
> instead of A:--- they don't use the twist in the cable) and that you must
> plug the drive in before the twist in order to get it recognized as A:
> (I've never personally tried it, but I have heard that people have had
> success).

Alain Knaff <Alain.Knaff@hitchhiker.org.lu> wrote:
> >I pulled a floppy drive from an old SUN IPC box and I'm trying to use it
> >in my PC. It has a motor that ejects the floppy and I'd like to use that
> >feature. I've tried to get info from the web about it, but have had no
> >luck. I also installed the fdutils package to use the floppycontrol
> >utility.
> >
> >I've tried several setting in the BIOS and in the floppy to get it to
> >work, no dice. If you have any pointers I'd be grateful.
> >     Rafael
> For the moment, this feature is only supported for Linux on Sparc
> (Sparcstation usually come with floppy drives with an autoeject
> mechanism). Do you have any documentation with your drive, the name or
> number of the wire used to trigger the eject might be useful

I think the last one was from the author of floppycontrol. If you get
it to work let me know and Alain, too.

I got the IPC for $12 at the GoodWill. The funny thing is that the floppy drive
(Sony MFD-17W-P1) sale for $85 refurbished at www.rapid-tech.com, isn't it

Rafael Herrera
Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience
University of Pittsburgh

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