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Kernel compile on poor Sun hardware


we intent to by a E250 server for production purpose.  I wonder what
to do in case I have to compile a new kernel for this hardware.  I would
really like to do this on a separate testing machine.  But I don't want
to by another E250 ;-).

Would it be possible to use a cheap Ultra for this purpose and also test
it on this system.  Well, there are obviousely differences in Harware
(the E250 will have two Sparc II processors the Ultra only one, etc.)
but for a simple test kond of: Does it work or not on this poor machine - no
warranty that it works on E250 but if not, then ...
Moreover compiling the kernel on a differnt machine than the production one
is also a good idea and I don't want to fiddle around with cross-compiling.

How is it handled on the Debian-FTP Sparc?

Kind regards


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