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Sparc IPC: kernel loads, then hangs


I've got an SparcStation IPC here, which is to be a diskless station.
After some work it will now get an kernel image from the server (on the
server, RARP, ARP and TFTP are configured): you can see the Sparc counting
the number of received bytes, and when the whole kernel-image is received,
it prints "Booting Linux...". Then it stops, even the cursor stops
blinking. No network traffic either.

I've tried serveral kernels from
<debian>/dists/potato/main/disks-sparc/2.2.20-2000-12-03/ and
<debian>/dists/potato/main/disks-sparc/2.2.20-2000-12-13/sun4cdm, but I
think the sun4cdm/linux-a.out should be the right one, I'm using it now.
Although the kernel hasn't reached the mount root-fs stage yet, under
/tftpboot/[host-ip] I have installed the (unpacked) root-image

I'm not using a tftpboot.img image because the system is low on memory (12
Mb). Unfortnately I cannot test it with a boot disk as I don't even have a
disk-drive for it.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what the problem can be, or
perhaps some other kernels that are known to work on a SparcStation IPC
that I can try?

Kind regards,

	Tim ter Laak

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