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Re: Re: CD Writer and SCSI adapter on Ultra5

Thank you for your kind replies.

Joshua, due to the fact that I found the SCSI adapter
already inside my Ultra5 I supposed it as being a 
common feature of all new Ultra5 and I wondered if
this could be a standard one.

So this is an answer also to Rainer that, if I understood well,
is suggesting to me some good SCSI adapter to buy.

Probably it could have been a good choice to issue
command under Solaris before erasing it with Linux,
in order to probe all the hardware my Ultra5 have inside
(graphics, ethernet, SCSI adapter and so on).
There is not any similar command in Linux, is there?

Thank you again.

Roberto Giorgetti 
Milan - Italy

>>> What is the SCSI adapter tipically inside an Ultra 5?
>>> Which kind of SCSI support I should put in the kernel?
>> Ultra 5's don't come with SCSI... they've got IDE only unless you have a
>> SCSI controller added to it.  To answer your question, it would matter
>> on which SCSI controller (if any) you've added to it.
>You can use the NCR/Symbios/LSI chips 810a or 875 as they are supported
>by the PROM (Bios) of the Ultra 5's. Just get a cheap (PC) 875 PCI
>controller and remove the bios chip from the card (if possible). I
>tested it with a DawiControl controller. The 810a should work too as the
>Solaris driver supports it ...

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