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RFS: lopster Re: RFS: lopster (updated again) [sponsored] Re: RFS: lopster (updated again) [sponsored^2] Re: RFS: lopster (updated package) Re: RFS: lopster (updated package) [sponsored] RFS: (updated package) Re: RFS: (updated package) [sponsored] Re: RFS: malaga RFS: malaga (updated package) RFS: mp3cd Re: RFS: msntp -- A very simple and portable SNTP client/server for UNIX [new package to fix policy break] Re: RFS: msntp -- A very simple and portable SNTP client/server for UNIX [uploaded] RFS: museek+ RFS: museek+ -- daemon and clients for the Soulseek p2p network Re: RFS: nta Re: RFS: oo2-voikko Re: RFS: (was: oo2-voikko) RFS: orbital-eunuchs-sniper RFS: otserv RFS: page-crunch (updated package) Re: RFS: page-crunch [sponsored] Re: RFS: personalbackup RFS: php-xdebug RFS: png2html (updated package) Re: RFS: png2html (updated package) - new upload RFS: pykaraoke RFS: python-musicbrainz2 (updated) & libdiscid RFS: qpopper (updated package) RFS: qsa-x11-free RFS: qsa-x11-opensource Re: RFS: queuegraph (take two) RFS: rpl -- intelligent recursive search/replace utility RFS: scuttle RFS: spcaview RFS: stardict-english-czech Re: RFS: suomi-malaga RFS: swish++: A Simple Web Indexing System for Humans --- C++ version RFS: tellico Re: RFS: tmispell-voikko RFS: transmission RFS: trueprint (updated package) Re: RFS: tstat RFS: Tunapie RFS: tunapie RFS: tuxguitar - Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player (gp3 to gp5) RFS: webcam-server RFS: weplab -- tool designed to break WEP keys RFS: wmspaceweather (updated package) RFS: wyrd -- text-based calendar application (updated package) RFS: xexec (updated package) Re: RFS: xexec (updated package) [uploaded] RFS: xml-im-exporter Re: RFS: xmmsctrl Re: RFS: yacpi - ncurses based acpi monitor for text mode RFS: yorick-hdf5 - Hierarchical Data Format 5 interface for the Yorick language RFS: yorick-imutil -- fast image manipulation routines for the Yorick language Re: RFS: zeroinstall-injector RFS: zinc-compiler (updated package) Seeking for a new package maintainer Re: shlib-with-non-pic-code The situation of gcc-h8300-hms and related packages spelled spelled Try different Sponsor request for hunspell-uz Subject: RFS: bisonc++ Subject: RFS: c++-annotations Re: svn-inject wants to remove some files Re: trueprint upstream tarball repackaging from bz2 to gz Version 1 accidentally released as version 2... Watch Watch files and QA page Weired things creating packages What to do if upstream downlaod location disappears? What to do with word documents ? Where is "urgency=" documented? WINDOWS ISO Creation The last update was on 06:18 GMT Tue Aug 20. There are 768 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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