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Re: RFS: openoffice.org-voikko (was: oo2-voikko)

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Rene Engelhard wrote:

Right. But soikko/voikko are sufficiently similar (and soikko is unmaintained upstream afaik
and non-free) so that it doesn't really make sense to install both soikko and voikko?
[ and soikko could be removed if voikko is in the archive if no one objects ]

I didn't say you should conflict against myspell-fi or so but soikko/voikko conflicts seem sensible...

I understand. And yes, soikko is non-free, non-maintained (except for packaging/installer) and will be obsolete in the near future because of voikko. Currently there might be some objections to removal of soikko because many people probably have it installed (though it's non-free so you have to search for it), but really voikko is quite good at replacing it already.


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