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Re: Sponsor request for hunspell-uz

On (17/09/06 13:10), Mashrab Kuvatov wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've filed an ITP bug report #387824 for hunspell-uz and uploaded the files 
> I've built into
> http://www.uni-bremen.de/~kmashrab/uzbek-word-list/hunspell-uz-0.6.deb.tar.bz2

Hi, I can't sponsor as I am not a DD, but I have some comments,

  * I don't think the package should be Debian native.
  * The debian/copyright file needs to include an actual license header
    from the package, but there are none. Could you ask the upstream
    author to add copyright statements and license headers to his files?
  * There is also an aspell in the package, is it capable of creating an
    dictionary for aspell. If so do you not want to package that as


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