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Re: Version 1 accidentally released as version 2...

Le Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 08:20:15PM -0300, Leo Antunes a écrit :
> If that's done then you're job's simple, repackage with the new version
> and that's it. Make it as fast as possible though, since your users are
> probably a bit confused by now... and if upstream takes a while to
> release officially (for any reason), you could just get the CVS version
> tagged as 2.0, name it 2.0+1-1 or something like that and upload fast.
> If, however, upstream decides to not release a new tarball you repackage
> it yourself and use the same naming convention as above.

OK, thanks all for your answers. I will mention the problem in the
README. How can I give a message only to the users who upgrade from the
previous version? I do not want to annoy the ones who will install from
Etch next year...

Have a nice day,


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