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Re: RFS: personalbackup

On (25/09/06 23:25), Kim Kuylen wrote:
> James Westby wrote:
> >On (23/09/06 19:41), Kim Kuylen wrote:
> >  
> >>Dear mentors,
> >>
> >>I am looking for a sponsor for my package "personalbackup".
> >  * The files you add to the upstream code can be shipped under debian/
> >    I believe, making it clearer they are contributed by you
> >    specifically for Debian. If this is not the case, or the changes
> >    will be incorporated in to the next upstream release.
> >  
> I'm afraid I do not quite understand this item :(

$ filterdiff -z personalbackup_1.0.3-1.diff.gz -x "*/debian/*" | lsdiff

Why are these files added in the .diff.gz?

> >  * You should add a copyright and license statement about your Debian
> >    packaging as well.
> >  
> Isn't that what the copyright file under the debian folder is for ?
> It now contains:

See http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/03/msg00023.html


  | The Debian packaging is (C) 2006, YOUR NAME <your@email.address> and
  | is licensed under the GPL, see above.

> >  * You could add a watch file.
> >  
> What do you exactly mean with this ? Do you have an example ?


> >  * It seems to me that everything that ends up in /var/www/ might belong
> >    in /usr/share/.
> >  
> Is this obligatory? Because I thought /var/www/personalbackup was the 
> right location for the web stuff...

I don't understand what the files are, but they looked like they might
belong under /usr/share in the FHS, basically are they modified at all?
If not then /usr/share is probably the best place for them, if not then
/var something is more appropriate. If you explain a little about what
the files are then someone might be able to give you a definitive

>>  * You ship an empty /tmp/ in the deb, please drop this.
> Personalbackup depends on the existence of the /tmp folder...so is it ok 
> to just assume that it is always there ?

Other packages assume it is there I guess, but I have never seen one
ship it. I think you will be safe to remove it, but the /var/run
discussion on -devel recently highlights what it means to assume a
directory will exist.

> Thanks for the time you took to investigate my package!

No problem.


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