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Re: RFS: personalbackup

On (23/09/06 19:41), Kim Kuylen wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "personalbackup".
> * Package name    : personalbackup


I cannot sponsor your package, but I have a few comments,

  * The files you add to the upstream code can be shipped under debian/
    I believe, making it clearer they are contributed by you
    specifically for Debian. If this is not the case, or the changes
    will be incorporated in to the next upstream release.
  * I suggest that you add copyright and license headers to all of your
    source files. If they are not written by you then it is even more 
    important. (For instance I can't see any in the files under lib/).
  * You should add a copyright and license statement about your Debian
    packaging as well.
  * You could add a watch file.
  * Is the personalbackup.config an artifact from somewhere? I don't see
    a template file, or postinst to act on the answers.
  * There is a lintian warning
      W: personalbackup: init.d-script-missing-lsb-section
    Please correct it.
  * It seems to me that everything that ends up in /var/www/ might belong
    in /usr/share/.
  * You ship an empty /tmp/ in the deb, please drop this.

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