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Re: RFS: suomi-malaga

On (21/09/06 18:12), Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> * Package name    : suomi-malaga


  * Have you filed an ITP? If so you should close it in the changelog.
  * Why does the source package go in section misc if it's only binary
    package goes in to text?
  * By convention the homepage is indented by two spaces. See
  * The debian/copyright is slightly lacking. Please see the link in the
    malaga review.
  * You can lose the configure target from debian/rules.
  * Your debian/watch file doesn't work. It is pretty clear why, please
    fix it or remove it (preferably the former).

The binary packages look ok, but I haven't tested them, I wouldn't know
where to start.


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