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Re: RFS: museek+ -- daemon and clients for the Soulseek p2p network

Christoph Haas wrote:
> On Saturday 16 September 2006 14:20, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
>> Christoph Haas wrote:
>>> On Saturday 16 September 2006 12:22, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
>>>> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "museek+".
>>> I don't know why but the upstream tarball I just downloaded from
>>> http://puzzle.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/museek-plus/museek+-0.1.1
>>> 1.tar.bz2 differs in several places from the orig.tar.gz that you
>>> provide.
>> I took one or two revision from svn that fixes license issues....
>> Do you want me to apply them through dpatch ?
> Yes please. Otherwise it's hard to understand what you patched and why. If 
> you really need to package a CVS/SVN version instead of the upstream's 
> last stable release then consider using an upstream version 
> like "0.99.4+cvs20060813".
I know how to deal with svn version but we did too much changes to
consider current trunk as "stable".
That's why I just apply three svn revision to the latest stable release :)
> The theory is that a user can get the upstream's tarball, apply Debian's 
> diff.gz patch and get a working package. The diff.gz contains everything 
> you have done. That user would be surprised if the diff.gz didn't work 
> with the upstream version you specify.
It's now done but I have a strange problem I didn't noticed before. The
first time I build the package I get "missing target
install-python-museek2.3". If I restart package building it works fine.

James is having a look, I hope he will understand what it is. Could you
check the package too ? It's still available at mentors, same link than

Thanks !

>  Christoph

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