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Re: RFS: malaga (updated package)

George Danchev kirjoitti:
> - be binNMU-safe (if possible;-) - for the Package: libmalaga-dev
> (since it is Architecture: any and strictly depends on a package which is also 
> Architecture: any) use Depends: libmalaga7 ${binary:Version} and 
> Build-Depends: dpkg-dev >= 1.13.19 in order to explore that functionality. 
> See recently discussed binNMU-safe related thread in that list for complete 
> details.

Ok, did this, thanks a lot for this. 7.6-2 uploaded to mentors.debian.net.

> - convert doc-control to UTF-8 since it contains character (ö) which is not 
> present in iso-8859-1 if I'm not mistaken about the current encoding.

"ö" is in both ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15, but I now converted the file
to UTF-8 anyway.


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