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Re: "register" files in dpkg database programmatically? "register" files in dpkg database programmatically? (was Re: How Debian Deals with Data) .la file removal, multiarch for plugins Re: /run in *unstable*: migration of /lib/init/rw, /dev/.* Re: [kfreebsd] massive report for uninstallable FUSE packages [Lennart Poettering] Re: A few observations about systemd Re: [Soc-coordination] ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011 Add new application to Debian Re: anyone interested in adopting ICU? Re: apt-get update MD5Sum mismatch Ask the Leader - Q&A session for the DPL at Debconf autopkgtest / DEP8 Re: Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches Re: Best practice for cleaning autotools-generated files? Bug #628997: O: gecko-mediaplayer -- Multimedia plug-in for Gecko browsers Bug #632655: O: conky -- highly configurable system monitor Re: Bug#602511: Fwd: Re: upstart support for nodm Re: Bug#632322: libudev0: missing copyright file Bug#632360: ITP: fife -- FIFE is a multi-platform isometric game engine Bug#632361: ITP: unknown-horizons -- 2D realtime strategy simulation Bug#632450: ITP: pmatch -- Duplicate finder and removal tool. Bug#632478: ITP: nicofox -- Iceweasel/Firefox extension to extend Nico Nico Douga functionality and save videos Bug#632541: ITP: libsass-ruby -- powerful but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again Bug#632548: ITP: libpar2 -- Library for performing common tasks related to PAR recovery sets Bug#632608: ITP: libdata-uuid-perl -- Perl module for generating UUIDs Bug#632610: ITP: ruby-chunky-png -- pure ruby library for read/write, chunk-level access to PNG files Bug#632612: ITP: ruby-oily-png -- native mixin to speed up ChunkyPNG Bug#632642: ITP: qasmixer -- mixer for the sound system ALSA powered by a QT GUI Bug#632707: ITP: smp-utils -- SAS Expander (SMP) utilities for SAS/SATA disk arrays Bug#632740: ITP: python-webcolors -- library of color names and value formats defined by HTML and CSS Bug#632741: ITP: dozzaqueux -- simulator for chemical mixtures Bug#632866: ITP: spice-gtk -- A GTK client for SPICE Bug#633114: ITP: libpod-pseudopod-perl -- framework for parsing PseudoPod Bug#633131: ITP: diod -- I/O forwarding server for 9P Bug#633159: Fw: Message with no Package: tag cannot be processed! (Debian Lenny to Squeeze upgrade) Bug#633161: ITP: django-form-utils -- Enhances Django by providing better forms Bug#633342: ITP: gsimplecal -- lightweight GUI calendar application Bug#633348: ITP: touchpad-indicator -- An indicator to show the status of the touchpad Bug#633411: RFP: morelia -- client-facing scripting language for Behaviour-Driven Development in Python Bug#633415: ITP: libclucy-clojure -- Clojure interface to the Lucene search engine Bug#633420: ITP: gecrit -- simple, easy-to-use Python IDE Bug#633447: ITP: librobert-hooke-clojure -- Provide hooks to extend Clojure functions Bug#633518: ITP: colord -- system service to manage device colour profiles Bug#633652: X-windows programs don't work anymore for root Bug#633668: ITP: gogglesmm -- Goggles Music Manager: A music manager and player. Bug#633677: ITP: isis -- I/O framework for neuroimaging data Bug#633721: ITP: shared-color-profiles -- colour profiles to be used in colour management aware applications Bug#633749: ITP: python-hl7 -- Python library for parsing HL7 messages Bug#633752: ITP: swtcalendar -- GUI date picker for Java using SWT Bug#633762: ITP: csmith -- random generator of C programs Bug#633763: ITP: swt-paperclips -- Simplified Java Printing Support for SWT Bug#633767: ITP: uchardet -- universal charset detection library Bug#633795: ITP: evolution-tray -- Plugin for Evolution to put it in notification area Bug#633808: ITP: xul-ext-zotero -- Iceweasel extension to collect, manage and cite bibliographic information Bug#633902: ITP: simpleinvoices -- simpleinvoicessimpleinvoices - Elegant web based Billing System Bug#633953: ITP: tyxml -- typed XML in OCaml Bug#634003: ITP: conky-all -- highly configurable system monitor (all features enabled) Bug#634008: ITP: ioping -- Simple disk I/O latency measuring tool Bug#634059: O: openmsx-debugger -- Graphical debugger for openMSX Bug#634060: O: binutils-80 -- The GNU binary utilities, for the z80-unknown-coff target Bug#634061: O: openmsx-catapult -- GUI for openMSX Bug#634062: O: camelot -- camelot - a GUI framework inspired by Django Bug#634065: ITP: permlib -- C++ template library for permutation computations Bug#634066: O: openmsx -- the MSX emulator that aims for perfection Bug#634067: O: cbios -- open source MSX BIOS roms Bug#634068: O: pasmo -- An easy to use Z80 cross-assembler Bug#634069: RFA: glew -- OpenGL Extension Wrangler Bug#634074: ITP: kamerka -- shiny photo taking application Bug#634086: ITP: libnfs -- NFS client library Bug#634100: ITP: tegra-linux -- Binary X11 and EGL drivers for NVIDIA Tegra chipset Bug#634124: ITP: cronutils -- Utilities to assist running batch processing jobs Bug#634173: ITP: python-fdsend -- Provides a Python abstraction for file descriptor passing via sockets Bug#634177: ITP: disulfinder -- prediction of S-S bonds in proteins Bug#634182: ITP: radreplay -- Tests RADIUS servers using pcap dump files Bug#634204: ITP: libecap -- eCAP library allows network application to outsource content analysis Bug#634235: ITP: mess-desktop-entries -- Desktop entries for MESS ROMS Bug#634241: ITP: disper -- display switcher for attaching/detaching displays easily Bug#634262: ITP: arpwatch-ng -- Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor, based on arpwatch Bug#634345: ITP: telepathy-farstream -- Glue library between telepathy and farsight2 Bug#634630: ITP: jenkins-memory-monitor -- Jenkins native integration for monitoring memory usage. Bug#634631: ITP: jenkins-commons-jexl -- Jenkins fork of the JSTL Expression Language with extensions Bug#634632: ITP: jenkins-dom4j -- Jenkins variant of the flexible XML framework for Java Bug#634634: ITP: jenkins-json -- Jenkins fork of library for transforming Java objects between XML and JSON Bug#634638: ITP: trilead-putty-extension -- PuTTY key support for Trilead SSH2 library Bug#634644: ITP: jenkins-trilead-ssh2 -- Trilead SSH2 implementation for Java (Jenkins variant) Bug#634652: ITP: jenkins-winstone -- Jenkins branch of Winstone servlet container Bug#634655: ITP: jenkins-xstream -- Jenkins fork of Java library to serialize objects to XML and back again Bug#634656: ITP: maven-hpi-plugin -- Maven2 plugin for building Jenkins plugins Bug#634657: ITP: jenkins-commons-jelly -- Jenkins fork of Apache Commons Jelly Bug#634717: ITP: libfile-keepass-perl -- Interface to KeePass V1 database files Bug#634754: ITP: ruby-hikidoc -- text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers Bug#634783: ITP: dolibarr -- ERP and CRM to manage small companies, freelances or foundations Re: Bug#634811: ITP: dillo -- fast and light web browser based on FLTK 1.3 Bug#634811: ITP: dillo -- fast and light web browser based on FLTK 1.3 Bug#634840: ITP: eviacam -- A cross platform webcam based mouse emulator Bug#634847: ITP: xul-ext-dactyl -- keyboard-accessible user interfaces for XUL-based applications Bug#634933: ITP: speechd-up -- Interface between Speech-dispatcher and Speakup Bug#634934: ITP: speakup-tools -- Tools to customize speakup module Bug#634940: ITP: tine20 -- Tine 2.0 is an webbased open source project which combines groupware and CRM in one consistent interface. Bug#634987: ITP: xul-ext-autofill-forms -- Icedove/Firefox add-on that enables you to fill out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut. Bug#634993: ITP: libbs2b -- Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library Bug#634994: ITP: bs2b-ladspa -- Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP LADSPA plugin Bug#635045: ITP: python-digenpy -- Wireless default password dictionary generators Bug#635049: ITP: tomld -- tomoyo learning daemon, fully automatic MAC configuration Bug#635058: ITP: wizznic -- Implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic Bug#635065: ITP: whatweb -- Next generation web scanner Bug#635115: ITP: blktap -- Xen API blktap shared library Bug#635155: ITP: fritzing -- Easy-to-use electronic design software Bug#635170: ITP: ocaml-config-file -- OCaml library for managing configuration files Bug#635253: ITP: php-crypt-blowfish -- Allows for quick two-way blowfish encryption without requiring the MCrypt PHP extension Bug#635283: ITP: openbgpd -- OpenBSD BGP routing daemon Bug#635307: ITP: alice -- App::Alice - IRC client that is viewed in the web browser. Bug#635309: ITP: libirc-formatting-html-perl -- Perl module to convert between HTML and IRC formatting. Bug#635310: ITP: libplack-middleware-session-perl -- Plack middleware component for session management. Bug#635339: ITP: ruby-eim-xml -- Easy IMplemented XML by Ruby Bug#635352: ITP: libcache-ref-perl -- Perl module for caching references in memory Bug#635358: ITP: libmemhandle-perl -- Perl module to supply memory-based FILEHANDLE methods Bug#635374: ITP: libtie-array-iterable-perl -- Tie::Array::Iterable - Allows creation of iterators for lists and arrays Bug#635381: ITP: libcurses-toolkit-perl -- Curses::Toolkit - A modern Curses toolkit Bug#635388: ITP: ruby-rack-test -- Simple testing API built on Rack Bug#635394: ITP: ruby-bacon -- Small RSpec clone Bug#635453: ITP: ocaml-lo -- OCaml interface to the lo library Bug#635458: ITP: libkiokudb-cmd-perl -- command-line tools for KiokuDB Bug#635459: ITP: sump-logicanalyzer -- GUI for logic analysers Bug#635462: general: Update manager freezes when started Bug#635504: ITP: flashcache -- write back block device cache for Linux Bug#635509: ITP: libmoosex-followpbp-perl -- Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo() Bug#635510: ITP: libio-pty-easy-perl -- Easy interface to IO::Pty Bug#635516: ITP: dvdstyler -- DVD authoring and burning tool Bug#635547: ITP: ocaml-dssi -- OCaml interface to DSSI plugins Bug#635586: ITP: lablgtk-extras -- collection of modules for OCaml/LablGtk2 applications Bug#635590: ITP: slimbox -- Slimbox is a 4 KB visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script Bug#635597: ITP: sitplus -- Free software framework for ludic-therapeutic activities Bug#635606: ITP: liburi-smarturi-perl -- Subclassable and hostless URIs Bug#635608: ITP: libcatalyst-plugin-smarturi-perl -- Configurable URIs for Catalyst Bug#635626: RFP: hipl-daemon -- HIP for Linux IPsec key management and mobility daemon Bug#635638: ITP: libkiokudb-backend-dbi-perl -- DBI backend for KiokuDB Bug#635661: ITP: libusb-java -- wrapper for C library libusb Bug#635685: general: gcc -m32 has no access to system-specific includes in multiarch world Bug#635727: ITP: ruby-simple-oauth -- Simply builds and verifies OAuth headers Bug#635728: ITP: ruby-twitter-oauth -- Ruby Client for Twitter API using OAuth Bug#635891: ITP: python-pika -- Python AMQP client library Bug#635900: ITP: ocaml-lame -- OCaml bindings for the lame library Bug#635930: ITP: octopussy -- log analyzer, alerter & reporter Bug#635956: ITP: lxpolkit -- LXDE PolicyKit authentication agent Bug#635975: ITP: ndpmon -- IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor Bug#635994: foo2zjs makes use of embedded, patented libraries Bug#636016: ITP: goodbye -- next part after 'hello', and a packaging example Bug#636017: ITP: tran[s[lit]] -- transcribe between character scripts (Cyrillic <-> Latin, etc) Bug#636036: ITP: parcimonie -- privacy-friendly helper to refresh a GnuPG keyring Bug#636041: ITP: libgsecuredelete -- wrapper library for the secure-delete tools Bug#636043: ITP: nautilus-wipe -- Secure deletion extension for Nautilus Bug#636072: ITP: stud -- scalable TLS unwrapping daemon Bug#636081: ITP: prayerwheel -- Tibetan prayer wheel Bug#636114: ITP: libdssialsacompat -- DSSI ALSA compatibility library for non-Linux platforms Bug#636139: ITP: istgt -- iSCSI userspace target daemon for Unix-like operating systems Bug#636159: ITP: libfsosystem -- library used by FSO stack Bug#636160: ITP: rrep -- recursive pattern replacement utility Bug#636164: RFP: apt-clone -- ZFS integrated APT package handling utility Bug#638285: RFP: chan-datacard -- Asterisk PBX channel driver for Huawei UMTS cards Bug: dh_make fails to make driver symbolic links without absolute paths Buggy/Stable java program (craftbukkit), possible ITP? build self-contained repository for offline use Call for teams interested in collaborating on a 'standard' Git workflow Call for testing: libevent 2.* in experimental Conciliating systemd and GNU/kFreeBSD Re: Cross-platform detection of multiarch Re: Crypto consolidation in debian ? Debconf syntax error message that I don't understand Re: DebConf11: Last call for keys for keysigning in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina DEP-5 : license short name and BSD with author Re: DEP-5 Copyright Question DEP5 Copyright Question DEP5 public-domain Question ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011 A few observations about systemd The last update was on 07:54 GMT Sun Dec 17. There are 818 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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