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Re: DEP5 public-domain Question

Hi Dominique,

> To satisfy DEP5 model constraints, you need to spell out the terms of the
> licence you want to use. Etheir as a "License: public-domain" stand-alone
> section or as text in the File section (after the License: line in the file
> section).

Does that mean that License: PD won't work with config-edit? I don't
have a Debian system handy to test, but I have seen that used in many
packages, and have thus adopted it into some of my own, c.f.:

I just checked the DEP5 proposal itself and your parser is correct in
the strictest sense, but will it be able to parse older d/copyright
files to perhaps automatically convert "PD" to "public-domain"
(possibly also issuing a warning in the process)?



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