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Re: A few observations about systemd

> There're other blockers beside systemd to KFreeBSD being a full Debian port,
> e.g. the lack of KMS in Xorg. Even the guy who gave a talk von FreeBSD at 
> last year's DebConf didn't use FreeBSD on his desktop.

    Just FWIW the guy who gave the kFreeBSD talk in Augsburg (me) was
doing so from a Notebook running kfreebsd ;) I've been running kFreeBSD
on it (a Lenovo Z61m) and haven't seen any major problems apart from
some kfreebsd specific bugs that do show up on unstable and get fixed

    Been thinking to replace the Linux on the gateway server here with
kFreeBSD as natd handles the setup here just well while for linux I need
a patched kernel that just stops routing once a month. Yes there are
reasons for kFreeBSD apart from jails and ZFS ;)



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