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Re: A few observations about systemd

On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 18:27 +0000, brian m. carlson wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 04:36:35PM +0000, Uoti Urpala wrote:
> > I think you're committing exactly the fallacy I described in the part you
> > snipped. You think that "excluding" people who want a particular kernel is
> > significant when it's a "big thing" like a kernel. But _any_ case of not
> > supporting something can be described as "exclusion". Any time a package is
> > dropped, Debian is "excluding" the people who want to use that package. Every
> > time a decision is made not to package something people are being "excluded".
> > When Debian Linux fails to run on a specific submodel X of hardware Y, people
> > who use that hardware are "excluded". Any of those cases can affect a much
> > larger number of people than kFreeBSD support.
> I think the difference with excluding a package is that nobody is
> willing or able to do the work.  Perhaps the package requires more time
> than the maintainer has, or it's a very difficult package to maintain
> and nobody that wants to is able to.
> In most cases, if a package is buggy on some platform, the porters will
> either fix it or exclude it from that platform.  Nevertheless, we expect
> Essential packages to work on all of our systems.

Er, no: http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/freebsd-utils


Ben Hutchings
Absolutum obsoletum. (If it works, it's out of date.) - Stafford Beer

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