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Re: Bug#634811: ITP: dillo -- fast and light web browser based on FLTK 1.3


Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> > On the other hand, Dillo's support for CSS and such is sketchy at best.
> > There's no javascript or anything of that kind as well.
> What about links2 -g?

JavaScript support in links2 has been killed by upstream in the 2.1 release:

Mon Apr 16 01:49:07 MET DST 2007 mikulas:

    Javascript was removed. The reason is that it is very buggy, Martin
    Pergel doesn't have time to develop it and code is so messy that no one
    else can understand it.

    If you use links for special purposes (embedded devices, etc.), you can
    bring javascript back by copying javascript files from previous release,
    removing "dnl javascript" lines from configure.in, adding *.c and *.h
    files to Makefile.am and re-running automake and autoconf.
    Javascript hooks from main code were not removed --- they just won't be

	Regards, Axel (who'll upload links2 2.3pre2 soon, too :-)
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