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Bug #628997: O: gecko-mediaplayer -- Multimedia plug-in for Gecko browsers

severity 628997 normal
retitle 628997 'O: gecko-mediaplayer -- Multimedia plug-in for Gecko
reassign 628997 wnpp

As stated in Bug #628997, #632653, #632654, #632655, the maintainer of
gecko-mediaplayer package is giving up all his packages in Debian, I
hereby orphan this package.

The description of gecko-mediaplayer is:

Gecko Media Player is a browser plug-in that uses GNOME MPlayer and
Mplayer to play media in a browser. It uses the NS4 API and is therefore
compatible with all NS4 derived browsers: Iceweasel, Firefox, Iceape,
Epiphany, Galeon, Midbrowser, Xulrunner, etc.

It is the modern replacement for mplayerplug-in (from the same author).

Aron Xu

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