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Re: Debconf syntax error message that I don't understand

Frank Küster wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am at a loss with shell script that uses debconf.  The script itself
> is in /etc/libpaper/, but since it is often called from maintainer
> scripts, it uses debconf.
> The problem is that debconf says it didn't get the right number of
> arguments, but I think it did.  This is the relevant line of code:
>       db_subst texlive-base/texconfig_ignorant binary "$binary" 
> and this is what debconf says:
> + db_subst texlive-base/texconfig_ignorant binary dvipdfmx
> + _db_cmd SUBST texlive-base/texconfig_ignorant binary dvipdfmx
> + IFS=  printf %s\n SUBST texlive-base/texconfig_ignorant,binary,dvipdfmx

Your script is setting IFS=","

This was supposed to be dealt with in #381619, but the change was broken.
I've committed the right change to debconf for version 1.5.41.

All you need to do to fix it in your script though is to restore IFS
before you start talking to debconf.

see shy jo

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