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Re: A few observations about systemd

I spoke with Lennart Poettering about this thread on IRC, and he asked me
to forward some clarifications about systemd to this list:

i found while reading through that thread

 a) the main memory usage by systemd is actually the selinux policy we
load in to memory so that we can tag sockets properly
    so the big memory consumption is the price you pay for selinux, not
really for systemd
    systemd will use more memory than sysvinit however
    though if you then subtract the memory for inetd and so on, it will
probably comapre not too bad.
    (!My Note: systemd can *of course* be used without SELinux)
    the selinux policy issue is probably something we can improve, by
loading the policy only partially.

 b) systemd is very much suitable for the embedded area, that's why meego
switched to it, and it is available in a couple of embedded distributions
    and, i am sure that those embedded distros are much better choices for
embedded devices, then debian is. with other words: systemd should cover 
the full range of debian. (!My Note: I showed him http://emdebian.org -
"embedded devices" means only really small devices here, the whole mobile
stuff is of course covered)

 c) the big problem for them about portability is not so much that i won't
accept the patches. it's primarily that porting it to non-linux is
practically impossible. about every line of it is non-portable code
    i.e. we already use epoll as a main loop, already there you'll have a
hard time porting this to something else

 d) some of the debian folks seem to suggest that adopting upstart instead
of systemd would be a way out
    that's bogus, since upstart is not portable to non-linux either

[15:45] <mezcalero> ximion: so, yeah, that's all my points
[15:45] <mezcalero> ximion: would be happy if you could forward that to
the ML

I think this clarifies some questions - and btw., speaking with Lennart is
not really annoying, if there are further questions about systemd, I don't
think just asking Lennart about it should be a problem, as well as
submitting patches for something Debian needs. ( c) seems to be a fair
reason for not accepting portability patches directly to systemd's main
branch to me)


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