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Re: DEP-5 Copyright Question

Hi Steve,

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 07:47:25AM +0200, Steve Langasek wrote:
> debian/copyright should list the names of the actual copyright holders of
> the work.  debian-devel is not a great resource for helping you figure out
> who those copyright holders are, but if the upstream author has already told
> you who the copyright holder is, you should list that.
I'm agree with you.

> You mention that the upstream author *transformed* the image.  Mechanical
> transformations (such as compilation of source code) do not normally have
> copyright associated with them, so the copyright of cat.pzl would probably
> be the same as for cat.jpg.
yes, would probably... but I think *transformed* image holder is upstream
author so copyright belong to him or I'm wrong... Compilation as a process
result from sources present in that case I'm agree with you.

> > Add:
> > - Previous Debian release include copyright image owner.
> > - Image license requires link to web site source as a condition.
> This last part sounds potentially non-free.  If this is software that you're
> planning to include in Debian main, please submit the license to
> debian-legal@lists.debian.org for public review of its terms.
I'll take your advice and I'll ask a question in debian-legal. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Elías Alejandro

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