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Re: A few observations about systemd

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 4:54 PM, Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 04:03:41PM +0200, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
>>  c) the big problem for them about portability is not so much that i won't
>> accept the patches. it's primarily that porting it to non-linux is
>> practically impossible. about every line of it is non-portable code
>>     i.e. we already use epoll as a main loop, already there you'll have a
>> hard time porting this to something else
> Seriously?  It's just a poll interface.  How hard could it /possibly/
> be to fall back to using plain poll(2) in the mainloop?  It's not
> like the interfaces are vastly different.  Both poll(2) and epoll_*(2)
> do pretty much exactly the same thing.  epoll might be a better
> performing interface, and scale better, but it's not like poll(2) is
> broken or particularly difficult to use.  (It's actually far simpler.)
> There is plenty of portable software out there doing exactly this.
> systemd isn't particularly special in this respect.  Take a look at
> apache, for example.

see particularly libevent-core-1.4-2

> Regards,
> Roger
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