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Re: Bug#632322: libudev0: missing copyright file

On Jul 01, Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> wrote:

> The copyright file is present in the udev package instead, but libudev0
> does not depend on udev.
No, actually it is there. The problem is that, after fixing #632321,
this happens:

libudev0 is upgraded

udev preinst is run
  [/usr/share/doc/udev is deleted by preinst to fix #632321]
udev is unpacked
  [/usr/share/doc/udev is created again as a symlink to libudev0]
old files of udev are deleted
  [/usr/share/doc/udev/changelog.gz etc are deleted, but thanks to the
   symlink these are actually libudev0's files and the only copy]

I do not know how to solve this, so I am Cc'in debian-devel...


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