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Re: "register" files in dpkg database programmatically? (was Re: How Debian Deals with Data)

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 4:48 PM, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> It would be useful in any number of situations to be able
> to "register" a file with dpkg: tell dpkg that a given package owns a
> given file, so that it is automatically removed when the package is
> removed or upgraded.  I can see this being used in many postinst
> scripts, so as to simplify or eliminate the corresponding postrm.

I have wanted this for a long time and would use it in
clamav-unofficial-sigs if it were available. I'd want both registering
and unregistering, since clamav-unofficial-sigs might need to remove
some files. It would be used at both runtime and in maintainer

> (It's possible that some people would want to use this capability in
> the sense that a package _upgrade_ preserves the file but package
> _removal_ removes it.  Or even that upgrade and removal both preserve
> the file, but purge removes it.  So if there are 3 desirable behaviors
> for the same basic feature, maybe that's a sign that it is a bad idea
> after all.)

I think c-u-s would need files preserved on upgrade but removed on
package removal.



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