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Re: A few observations about systemd

Ben Hutchings writes ("Re: A few observations about systemd"):
> What's more, neither of the 'ports' to other kernels increases hardware
> support.

What they do provide is healthy competition for Linux.  There are
reasons why some users prefer the BSD kernel to Linux.  Talking as if
increased hardware support were the sole criterion to prefer one
kernel to another is to miss those reasons.

There are some serious problems with the Linux kernel.  I still run it
but I am much more comfortable that there is a choice.

> I fundamentally disagree with the idea that all our packages must avoid
> relying on certain features because some developers want to experiment
> with FreeBSD (which already has a Linux emulation layer) or Hurd (a
> long-running joke) and they are lacking these features.  This doesn't
> serve users, it serves those developers.

I don't know how many Debian kFreeBSD users there are.  But neither do


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