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Re: A few observations about systemd

Juliusz Chroboczek <jch <at> pps.jussieu.fr> writes:

> > So cgroups is "optional", but not really if you want a supported
> > systemd installation :)
> Yes, and that's exactly what I find worrying about Lennart's attitude:
> he presumes to impose his policy on you -- you must use Linux, you must
> use a recent kernel with cgroups enabled, you're not supposed to use
> shell scripts, etc.
The point is that cgroups is an absurdly simple solution to the "did this damn
daemon just die, or did it just fork itself into the background? If so, how do I
get it to either not fork or write a pid file?" problem. Everything else you
could do to answer this question is either a fragile mess, or eats performance,
or involves patching upstream code, or both.

Just consider how many init scripts used to unconditionally run "killall <name>"
at shutdown time. (Or in fact still do; I haven't counted them lately.)

Yes, Lennart has an opinion and an attitude. It's rather unspectacular, compared
to the attitude frequently copped by a certain other developer which I will not
name here; and, unlike said other developer, Lennart has sound technical reasons
for most, if not all, of his assertions.

So there.

Bottom line: Can we *please* have systemd in Debian? As a first-class citizen?
Even if it only works well on Linux?

-- Matthias

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