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Re: [kfreebsd] massive report for uninstallable FUSE packages

2011/7/16 Nikolaus Rath <Nikolaus@rath.org>:
> I would expect that every package that depends on fuse-utils probably
> requires command-line functionality (because fuse-utils really doesn't
> provide anything else), so I'm not convinced that automatically filing
> bugs here would be a good idea.

Uhm no, actually this is not the case.  Take sshfs for example, its
dependency is a mixture of the first and second case in my template.
Or smbnetfs, which doesn't use fusermount for anything and is 100% the
first case.  ntfsprogs is like ssh (fusermount is only mentioned in
the manpage), etc.

I think best way is to report this and let each maintainer decide what is best.

Robert Millan

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