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Re: Bug#634811: ITP: dillo -- fast and light web browser based on FLTK 1.3

Hi Andrey,

Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> > > > On the other hand, Dillo's support for CSS and such is sketchy at best.
> > > > There's no javascript or anything of that kind as well.
> > > What about links2 -g?
> > [...]
> I mean, "how is dillo compared to links2 -g if they both have similar
> restrictions and links2 -g is (well, was in 2007) IIRC quite light and
> fast".

Ah, ok.

Well, links -g still looks a lot like being a text-mode application
even if run with its X interface. Especially all dialog popups are
rendered the same way they are rendered in text mode, i.e. no dialog
window, just a text frame around the question. And I expect that quite
some people prefer a more common way to render stuff under X.

Before having a working Dillo (again) I though can't make comparisons
about memory usage and speed. And I don't remember the values from
Dillo 1. And I don't expect them to be exactly the same as back then
anyway. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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