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Call for testing: libevent 2.* in experimental

Hi all,

There's been a new version of libevent in experimental for a while
(2.0.*) and I'd like to upload it to unstable as soon as possible (and
green-lighted by the release team). To achieve that I'd like to ask all
maintainers of packages depending on libevent to test their packages
against the new version and report any problems. I've taken the liberty
of CC'ing maintainers whose packages had FTBFSs with the new version
(tested in a clean experimental pbuilder; see below for details).

There's also a transition bug[0] open to keep track of the issues, so
please CC it when appropriate.

Only 7 from the 32 fail to build(tests performed a couple of weeks ago):
beanstalkd:    syntax error; maybe using some changed define?
ladvd:         builds correctly, fails on 1 of 6 tests ("HTTP request
forked-daapd:  [already discussed with maintainer; next version will
drop dependency]
python-event:  bona fide build failure (I couldn't grok the underlying
reason just by looking at the log)
memcached:     ditto
lua-event:     ditto
honeyd:        doesn't seem related (configure: error: Couldn't figure
out how to access libc; maybe related to multiarch)

More details about what's changed in the 2.* series and might cause
problems can be seen in the whatsnew-2.0.txt file in libevent-dev's docs.


[0] http://bugs.debian.org/631018

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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