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NEW processing slowdown (Was: FAQ, Re: new mplayer) New source package Re: No Config-Files state even though postrm purge failed while purging an installed package? NO-OP vote ... Re: FIRST CALL FOR VOTES FOR "DFSG #2 applies to all programmatic works" Re: Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in source packages On including 64-bit libs in 32-bit packages (see #344104) openssh packages with updated selinux patch Or he series order MONaSTERCOCK Orphan party Re: Orphan party, relax... Orphaning most of my packages Packages up for adoption perishables Re: A plan to get rid of unnecessary package dependencies and DWN (was: HI, I am a honest user of China, I love linux especially Debian distribution , I think Debian is the greatest linux distribution , but nowdays, the debian weekly news was not updated , I think Debian will become more and more popular, since its feedo) Please upload NMU of tix package to close #360920 Policy incorrect use of `must', `should', etc position statement from the kernel team over the current non-free firmware GR vote (Was: Call for votes for "GR: : Handling source-less firmware in the Linux kernel") ppp: co-maintainer and urgent help needed Re: Problem including <asm/timex.h> (linux-kernel-headers 2.6.17) Problems in PMDF Mailserv V6.1 command processing Processed: Re: 'IFUP cannot open the file /etc/network/interfaces' Processed: Re: Bug#391359: general: package view could have a link to see the source changelog. Processed: Re: Bug#392643: 'IFUP cannot open the file /etc/network/interfaces' Processed: reassign Processed: reassign 253359 to cyrus21-common Processed: severity of 360643 is wishlist, reassign 360643 to dpkg-dev Re: Professional Developer Wanted Proposal to delay the decition of the DPL of the withdrawal of the Package Policy Committee delegation ps- sourcecode, task_struct Public discussion time for Creative Commons 3.0 license draft coming to a close Re: Public discussion time for Creative Commons 3.0 license draft coming to a close Question regarding maintainer email Question: mount /var/run as tmpfs RAMRUN and subdirectories in /var/run (Was: Bug#390687: lprng does not start with new initscripts RAMRUN option) Reasons for keeping Coin3D (libcoin20) at version 1.0.4? Removing obexserver (Re: RFA: obexserver -- Receive files with OBEX protocol) RE: Report debian-devel-digest Request for help: jde & cedet Request for virtual package ircd Response to your ListGuru session [MsgId AA20061012.223301.4] Results for General Resolution: Handling source-less firmware in the Linux kernel Results for General Resolution: Re-affirm support to the Debian Project Leader Results for General Resolution: Recall the project leader Results for Position statement clarifying DFSG Resume Returned mail: Data format error RFP: tinymce -- Web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor safe halt/reboot/shutdown Saints seahorse (gnome, gpg) encryption error Setting Laguage Re: Setting up pbuilder or sbuild like experimental buildds The shooting of the Texhoma Energy should, ought, must (was: Bug mass filling) Simpleminded members better than abusive members Siscorber, una oportunidad única de negocio Re: SOAP interface documentation needed sometimes-dependency, linux-image-2.6.18-1-486 Soon-to-be orphaned packages need a caring maintainer Source package contains non-free IETF RFC/I-D's St ock s5 Starting services in runlevels 0 and 6 Re: Stuff the installer does which isn't done on upgrade.... support of aoe devices and aoetools package Re: supporting alternative init systems sure; rotted bloated and at the dried up the high spirits so Take pleasure from Concerned with your size and hardness? Study this, here's the answer! Texhoma Energy flys up Thanks! trouble finding source for mail-notification on i386 Troubles with Debconf Unidentified subject! Update on Bug#394566: ITP: conkeror -- completely keyboard driven Gecko based web browser Uploading openssh NMU for SELinux updates as per release policy Vote page locations on the recent call for votes want to adopt craft package want to contribute Why weren't the GR voting mails sent to debian-devel-announce? Will IceWeasel be based on a fork or on vanilla FireFox? Work-needing packages report for Oct 13, 2006 Work-needing packages report for Oct 20, 2006 Work-needing packages report for Oct 27, 2006 Work-needing packages report for Oct 6, 2006 Re: XS-X-Vcs-XXX field not (yet) announced xv and xorg You Need Money WeH ave Job Re: Re: Your details Re: your mail Re: {SPAM} Re: "Arch: all" package FTBFS due to test needing network access - RC? The last update was on 07:16 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 1305 messages. Page 3 of 3.

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