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Re: xv and xorg

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On 10/05/06 23:25, Marc Wilson wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 10:57:28PM -0700, Jiri Klouda wrote:
>> I just wanted to ask when xv is going to be updated
> It isn't.
>> or do I need to compile from sources?
> You can use this to fetch the last source package:
> # unofficial xv source
> deb-src http://debian.uni-essen.de/misc/local/ theo-phys local
> That'll get you the last debian package from back in the Potato days (-26).
> It's not hard to build it against the current stable or unstable.
> The -26 package had quite a few problems besides its licensing.  Patches
> that didn't apply properly and so forth, and there are a couple of things
> you have to do to get it to build on gcc 4.x.  I'm up to -39 in my own
> local copy, although I've patched the h*ll out of it too.
> Against unstable, of course, you have to deal with the modular X transition
> and move the binary into /usr/bin as well.
> There's no tool quite like xv, that wraps so many useful things into one
> binary.

Would you mind sharing the -39 or deb-src with us?

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