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Re: Public discussion time for Creative Commons 3.0 license draft coming to a close

On Mon, 2006-10-02 at 18:00 -0400, Eric Dorland wrote:
> I'd very much like to see this happen, but I feel kind of
> uncomfortable sending an "AOL" to a list I'm not subscribed to and a
> discussion I haven't participated in. Maybe some sort of signature
> collection would make more sense, then send batches in a single email
> to the list. Seems more polite that way. 

Could this be a good time to use the unofficial GR-style, devotee-driven
poll that Jeroen has set up ([0], [1])? The CC blog post by Mia Garlick
[2] seems to imply that they are interested in some kind of preliminary
indication of how Debian would handle the new 3.0 CC licenses with or
without the parallel distribution language. So maybe a poll could run
for some time, and the results, including number of participants, could
be communicated to the CC list?

Jeroen, how about setting up such a poll?

Who is on the CC mailing list and could make sure the result would be
communicated there?

[0] http://master.debian.org/~jeroen/polls/
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2005/12/msg00216.html
[2] http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/6017

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net>

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