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New cyrus-sasl2 packages

Greetings all,

As part of the transition to the new cyrus-sasl packages I have built
all the package which expressed some sort of dependency on any of the
cyrus-sasl2 packages.  These were built in a clean Sid pbuilder.  I have
created a chart that show each source package name, whether the
dependency on cyrus-sasl2 is considered bogus or OK (based on the
checklib page, so take with a grain of salt) and then if the package

Some things to note.

* For the time being, LDAP support is disabled in the new cyrus-sasl
  packages as a transition will be necessary for openldap.  Some FTBFS
  occurrences were the result of unrelated packages and bugs were filed
  where appropriate.

* If your package failed to build because of cyrus-sasl or ldap, I did not
  file a bug.  However, please review your package and see if there is
  anything that can be done for the situation where you have a cyrus-sasl
  package without ldap support.

* An OK for build status on the matrix simply means that I did not
  detect any sort of build issues.  I visually reviewed all the build
  logs and found nothing out of the ordinary for packages with an OK
  statuts.  However, I did not attempt to run lintian/linda/piuparts, or
  other install or run any of the packages.

* The logs for failed package builds are available on the Cyrus SASL
  team web page: http://pkg-cyrus-sasl2.alioth.debian.org/FTBFS/

* These packages are still in a state of flux, so please bear with us

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Roberto C. Sanchez
Package name                    Depend status   Build status
------------                    -------------   ------------

asterisk                        bogus [0]       OK
asterisk-oh323                  bogus [1]       OK
beepcore-c                      OK              OK
cyrus-imapd-2.2                 OK              OK
cyrus21-imapd                   OK              OK

etpan-ng                        bogus [2]       FTBFS - libetpan [3]
exim4                           OK              FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [4]
gnugk                           bogus [5]       FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [6]
hotway                          OK              OK
kdebase                         OK              FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [7]

kdelibs                         OK              FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [8]
kdepim                          OK              FTFBS - libtool [9]
kolab-cyrus-imapd               bogus [10]      FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [11]
kolabd                          OK              OK
libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl       OK              OK

libetpan                        OK              OK
mail-notification               OK              OK
mutt                            OK              OK
nmh                             OK              OK
nufw                            OK              FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [12]

ohphone                         bogus [13][14]  FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [15]
opal                            bogus [16][17]  FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [18]
openam                          bogus [19]      FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [20]
openh323                        bogus [21][22]  FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [23]
openldap2                       OK              OK

openldap2.3                     OK              OK
openmcu                         bogus [24]      FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [25]
postfix                         OK              OK
pstngw                          bogus [26]      FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [27]
pwlib                           OK              OK

python-ldap                     bogus [28]      OK
sendmail                        OK              FTBFS - ldap [29]
squid3                          OK              FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [30]
sylpheed-claws-gtk2             OK              FTBFS - libetpan [31]
sylpheed-claws-gtk2-extra-plug  OK              FTBFS - libetpan [32]

t38modem                        bogus [33]      FTBFS - cyrus-sasl2 ** [34]

 ** build log available here: http://pkg-cyrus-sasl2.alioth.debian.org/FTBFS/

 [0] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.asterisk-h323_1:
 [1] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.asterisk-oh323_0.7.3-2+b1.html
 [2] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.etpan-ng_0.7.1-3.html
 [3] http://bugs.debian.org/393318
 [4] Not immediately clear
 [5] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.gnugk_2:2.2.3-2-3.html
 [6] Not immediately clear
 [7] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
 [8] Not enough space on my hard drive --- someone please rebuild this
 [9] http://bugs.debian.org/393321
[10] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.kolab-cyrus-common_2.2.12-7.html
[11] Not immediately clear
[12] Because LDAP support is currently disabled, possibly broken ./configure
[13] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.ohphone_1:1.4.5+20060204-2.html
[14] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.ohphone-basic_1:1.4.5+20060204-2.html
[15] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[16] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.simpleopal_2.2.2.dfsg-1.html
[17] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.libopal-2.2.0_2.2.2.dfsg-1.html
[18] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[19] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.openam_1.1.18+20050304-3.html
[20] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[21] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.simph323_1.18.0-2.html
[22] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.libopenh323-1.18.0_1.18.0-2.html
[23] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[24] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.openmcu_2.1.1-3.html
[25] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[26] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.pstngw_1.3.1-7.html
[27] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[28] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.python-ldap_2.2.0-3.html
[29] http://bugs.debian.org/393328
[30] Because LDAP support is currently disabled
[31] http://bugs.debian.org/393330
[32] http://bugs.debian.org/393331
[33] http://rerun.lefant.net/checklib/log.t38modem_0.8.0+20050304-4.html
[34] Because LDAP support is currently disabled

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