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Re: Orphan party, relax...

On Sun, Oct 15, 2006 at 06:38:16AM -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> > <ironic on>
> > But now, I can stop! There will be people doing my work! And they will
> > win money! They will do my translations on debian installation manual,
> > on the debconf templates, they are going to close my RC bugs and other
> > non important bugs.
> > <ironic off>

> Well, if your translations are the Spanish translations (I am guessing
> by your name), please email me off-list.  I would gladly take them over.

Catalan, actually.  Maybe he's suggesting that I need to get off my butt and
contribute to the Catalan translation team some more?

(Hmm... maybe I will?)

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