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I'm not sure where to post this email, so I am sending it to this list.
It is totally unproductive, but still I'd like to send it :-)

I know, these are troubling times for you developers: the dunc-tank
discussion, the firefox(tm)-iceweasel-debate, the hard work preparing
for the release of etch and so on...

So I think it is about time to send a big THANK YOU to ALL of you who
created this great distribution. Debian was the first distribution that
persuaded me of the advantages of linux and of free software and by now,
it has been my favourite operating system for a few years. No other
distribution I tried was as universal or suited my needs as well as Debian.

I don't want to bug you any longer, but again: Thank you for your great
work and keep on moving to release the best Debian ever!


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