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Re: On including 64-bit libs in 32-bit packages (see #344104)

> Am Samstag 21 Oktober 2006 11:49 schrieb Nikita V. Youshchenko:
>> Question is - does Debian i386 currently support running on 64-bit
>> binaries if hardware supports it?
> _and_ if the kernel supports it.
>> Linux blacky 2.6.18-1-k7 #1 SMP Fri Sep 29 17:06:47 UTC 2006 i686
>> GNU/Linux
> -k7 is for Athlon without 64bit extensions.
> 64bit kernels are not available in the i386 archieve. That makes the 64bit
> libs rather useless, doesn't it?

Is it possible to make 64bit kernels available?

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