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Re: Uploading openssh NMU for SELinux updates as per release policy

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
>         Three days ago, I sent in a patch in Bug#394795 which updated
>  SELinux patches to bring 'em in line with currently released  SELinux
>  code in Debian.  I updated that patch [0], and the binaries were

I know nothing about SELinux, so can't really comment on the patch. In
general, however, we encourage people wanting to patch openssh to talk
to upstream first: Trying to maintain substantial patch-sets between
openssh relseases just causes pain, particularly if the feature
involved is later implemented in upstream openssh, with differing
config options &c. Furthermore, if upstream don't like a patch, we are
naturally reluctant to deploy it ourselves.

Have the bits of this patch that aren't Debian-specific been even
shown to upstream? If not, please don't go slamming them willy-nilly
into Debian's openssh.


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