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Re: safe halt/reboot/shutdown

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, martin f krafft wrote:

Yes and no. From the bug report I think your approach was more
complex (esp. since it involved sudo). Mine's really just a hack
that will only do some silly check if it's called over an SSH
connection and a terminal is connected. Otherwise it just passes

Sudo was involved in my case but not the reason for the problem.
The reason wath the fact that there was a command halt different
from /sbin/halt found in the $PATH (because the sequence in the
directories in $PATH was changed).  So you might also call it
initscripts fault to change the path or the fault of init not
to call /sbin/halt explicitely but I was convinced that providing
another halt executable is not really a good idea.

Especially if this method were "standardised" (as in packaged in the
Debian archive), I doubt it would be a trap to fall in.

Well, this would really make a difference because in this case
you could write a bug report against initscripts to care for calling
"the right halt" which was not possible for my local solution.

Kind regards



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