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Re: xv and xorg

On 10/5/06, Adam D. Barratt <highvol-debian-devel@adam-barratt.org.uk> wrote:
xv was removed from Debian over five years ago due to licensing issues, so
I'm afraid you're likely to have to rebuild it yourself against xorg in
order to make it work.

Oh yes, I remember it now.  It is an image viewer/manipulator isn't
it?  I don't think I've used it since the 90's.  There are so many
other image viewers out there that should do the job just fine.
Personally I like gqview most (for simple viewing).

Look at this article: http://lwn.net/Articles/76391/

Depending on what you use xv for, you might be able to get away with a
combination of imagemagick and/or some other image viewer.  A quick
google however finds this:




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