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Soon-to-be orphaned packages need a caring maintainer

Due to severe time constraints and interest shifts I'm putting some
packages up to adoption. I considered taking a complete break from
debian until things get better but I am just not able to do so. I've
been a debian developer for 9 years now, that represents almost 1/3rd of
my life involved with this project on different levels.

That said I plan to reduce my packages to the two or three I use the
most nowadays. The following are the packages I'm orphaning next week if
nobody volunteers to maintain them:

Clara - GPL'd ocr software. I know the upstream developer in person, he
is very easy to deal with, but the package hasn't seen an update for
quite some time, its home page states that it will be updated soon
(http://www.geocities.com/claraocr/) The latest version available is
packaged, but has long standing bugs. It will be orphaned if nobody
steps forward to maintain it.

manpages-pt: manpages in Portuguese (mostly brazilian)

vertex: An OpenGL 3d modeller, it will be orphaned. I've not been
dealing with opengl in ages. And I'd even suggest its removal from the
archives since vertex would be mostly useful with a library to load its
models into a user program (libv3d - which I never packaged and nobody
ever complained about). The last upstream update was almost 2 years ago.

normalize-audio: This one is quite nice and it's used by several other
multimedia related packages. There are some open bugs and a new version
upstream to be packaged, this one is fun to deal with, and it is
probably the one which will find a new maintainer quicker.

mxml: This is a very simple library for dealing with "xml-like" files,
it is much smaller and simpler than libxml since it does not deal with
validation and DTDs and such. I'm just RFA'ing this one since
zynaddsubfx (which I'll keep maintaining) depends on it.

phat: This library is a set of useful gtk widgets designed for
multimedia apps. I'm just RFA'ing it since specimen (which I'll keep)
depends on it.

And I think that's all. I hope all those orphan packages will find a
caring maintainer before I need to assign their maintainership to the
already overloaded qa team and open new wnpp bugs.


Eduardo (AKA error)

P.S. I'm not currently subscribed to debian-devel, so please, answer
directly to me.

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