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RAMRUN and subdirectories in /var/run (Was: Bug#390687: lprng does not start with new initscripts RAMRUN option)

  I have received a bug report saying that lprng will not start when the
initscripts are run with the RAMRUN option. This is because RAMRUN does
not make and subdirectories.

What is RAMRUN supposed to do? Does it just make an empty tmpfs
partition?  Is there now a new expectation that all and any packages
have to test for directories in /var/run (and /var/lock too I guess)
and re-create them if not found?

If there was a change, why was it not announced? Why not mention
something like this on d-d-a as it is gonig to hit a fair few packages.

 - Craig
(please CC me, thanks)

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